Case Mate Gelli Desire HD

When it comes down to equipping your phone with a protective, yet stylish case, chances are high you might want to pick one out of Case Mate’s large, ever-growing portfolio. It’s passion and cure for even the smallest details, for which Case Mate’s Gelli is no exception that proves the rule, make their products an editor’s pick and a user’s favourite.

Case Mate Gelli for Desire HD/4G is made of a light and transparent, thermoplastic material. It has been labelled as “slim” by the manufacturer, a term not entirely misleading, even by very restrictive standards. Gelli’s soft  grip feels good in your hand and pocket, and as a product both coined at design and function, it also serves its purpose of protection well.
It covers the phone’s entire backside, leaving a perfectly shaped notch for the usb connector and headphone jack as well as for the camera and the flash lights on the back. As far as the power and the lateral volume buttons are concerned, those are covered, too. Unlike other potentially disappointing solutions on other similar cases, this”Achilles’ heel” of fully coating cases, this works out quite well. The volume buttons are almost as responsive as without protection. Less can be said about the fiddly power button, which is hard to push even naked. On top of those specific areas – the volume and power buttons – Case Mate has inserted small badges in the vein of the respective icons.

Not only do those add to the design factor, they also boost Case Mate Gelli’s usability factor many times over and bring up the question why one should buy a snap on cover with their typical clearances for the aforementioned areas.

The Case Mate Gelli for Desire HD ‘s backside  has been arranged with geometric shapes and various patterns which will create some appealing reflections, but their technical and randomly arranged nature will eventually at one point take away a good deal from the simplistic, yet elegant design. A less, more concise and limited arrangement would have served better. But this is of course a matter of different tastes and just an aesthetical comment.

The perfectly shaped, hopefully also in the long-term durable case is an eye-catcher but it does not take the attention from your smart phone. They are not competitors, eagerly fighting to attract your attention, but partners: Case Mate’s Gelli makes you feel like your Desire HD is always  well looked after, even you are not looking after it.

Case Mate Gelli for Desire HD is available at a quite affordable rate through Case Mate Europe .

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