CodenameSammy/CNS Light Android 4.2.1 – Nexus 7 & Galaxy Nexus ROM mit Samsung Candies

CodenameSammy/CNS Light Android 4.2.1 - Nexus 7 & Galaxy Nexus ROM mit Samsung Candies • smarte News, auf den Punkt!


Our goal is to enrich Googles Jelly Bean experience with cherry picks from Samsungs successful TouchWiz Nature UX environment. It is not a ported TouchWiz ROM, it is based on the very stable and customizable CodenameAndroid ROM.

We decided to include some Apps which were ported by the xda-community and some apps from google play to get many Samsung features. We think it is useful and completes the Android experience, but some of you might think it’s ‘Bloat’. So we decided to put many apps in Data-Partition. That way they can be updated through Google Play or uninstalled like regular apps.


Features &Infos:

  • All Codename Android 3.8 Features (see original thread)
  • Samsung TouchWizUX

TouchWizUX Launcher Features:(ported from Galaxy S3 by Froilson, we adopted it for Nexus 7)

  • 6×6 Home Screen Apps-Grid
  • Up to 7 Home Screens
  • 6 apps in dock bar + menu
  • Page indicator for quick navigation (Home, Menu & Widgets)
  • 6×6 Drawer Apps-Grid
  • 4×3 Widgets Preview
  • Folders in App Drawer!
  • Drawer View Types: Customizable grid, Alphabetical grid and List View
  • Hide applications
  • Share Apps
  • Very smooth AND responsive performance


Included Apps and Media

  • Samsung S3 Accuweather Widget
  • Samsung Task Manager
  • Samsung Memo App
  • Samsung Yahoo News Widget
  • Samsung Wallpapers modded with HD Pictures from Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Samsung Paper Artist from Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung ChatON
  • Samsung TecTile (NFC)
  • Samsung Clock
  • Samsung S3 Notification Sounds
  • Samsung S3 Alarms
  • Samsung S3 System Sounds
  • Samsung App Icons
  • Google Apps
  • Flipboard
  • FlashPlayer
  • MX Player
  • Super Video (Pop up Play)
  • Playboard
  • Astro FileManager
  • ROMmanager
  • Smart Rotator (important!)
Changelog 1.5.1 (maguro only)
  • fixed playstore errors
  • lcd density reverted back to stock 320dpi
  • added cm 10 file manager
  • added google apps (drive,currents,google+)
  • added modded google calendar from 1.4.0
  • added emoji 4.2 keyboard


p dir=”ltr”>Changelog 1.5.0 (maguro only)

  • updated rombase (included yesterdays commits from source)
  • included 4.2 apps (camera, emoticon keyboard, gmail etc )
  • various tweaks with optimized performance

Changelog 1.4.1 (maguro only)

  • fixed FaceUnlock

Changelog 1.4 (maguro only!)

  • updated to android 4.1.2 (cna 3.8)
  • updated gapps and play store apps
  • added latest swype
  • added brand new and powerful LG Notetaking app ported by evilisto
  • gmail 4.2 by androidpolice
  • new calendar modded by shaftenberg: adds titles to monthly preview
  • added TricksterMod to control your kernel settings (display colors, cpu …). thanks to bigeyes0x0
  • latest franco kernel and kernel updater app
  • improved dialer theme
  • improved framework theme
  • quicker homescreen transitions
  • quicker folder animations
  • Changelog 1.2
  • updated base
  • updated gapps
  • soundfix
  • added tablet mode
  • new kernel included
  • touchwiz optimised
  • added sony walkman app


  1. Flash via Recovery or ROM Manager. It will reboot automatically.

Wiping is only needed if you should encounter unexpected problems.

DOWNLOADS Galaxy Nexus maguro

CNS Light 4.2.1

FULL WIPE recommended with 1.5.1 in case you run into some crashes like when setting the alarm clock.


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