Create your personal home screen with Desktop VisualizeR

Create your personal home screen with Desktop VisualizeR • smarte News, auf den Punkt!

Create your personal home screen with Desktop VisualiserR

Tired of your standard android home screen? Ever wanted to have that little personal touch you have seen so many times being posted by gifted and creative people showing off  their homescreen pictures? Never been able to reproduce it? Well, we seriously doubt you will be the next designer genius after this little article but hey, never give up your dreams! Meanwhile, have a look at this:

Personal home screen : what you need

  1. Desktop VisualizeR (it’s free)
  2. DVRImageCrop  (addon for Desktop VirtualizeR)
  3.  DVRSizeConfigTool

Preliminary work

Before we start please make sure you have set your launcher  to display five rows on your home screen. This can be done with LauncherPro, ADW Launcher, Zeam Launcher etc. Place DVRSizeConfigTool widget in an upper left corner of any of your home screens. Open the widget and follow the instructions, afterwards delete the widget from your home screen.

Get the pictures for the apps you want to have placed on your home screen. Google is your friend!

Personal home screen : creating a widget

Your first home screen might take a while, but we are sure you will quickly get accustomed to the process. We will describe how to create a 2×2 tile:

  1. Add a Desktop VisualizeR widget on your home screen: select the 2×2 tile.
  2. Tap the green android tile you’ll see afterwards: in the next screen click on “Select Icon”.
  3. Tap “Add-Ons”, then choose “DVRImageCrop“.
  4. Select the options according to your wishes. For best results we recommend selecting “on demand cropping“. When ready, tap “Select Image” button.
  5. Pick your designated picture from the gallery and adjust it to your demands. When you’re done, press “Save”.
  6. Back in the Desktop VisualizeR menu press “Select Action“. Pick the option you need. You may also want to edit the label. Press okay to save!
The results of your could look like this.

Have fun with your personal home screen.


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