Das ging fast schneller als gedacht: Samsung-Updates.com hat soeben eine erste Version von Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 für das weit verbreitete Galaxy S3 veröffentlicht. Damit ist es das erste nicht-Nexus-Gerät auf welchem man die erneuerte Version von Jelly Bean zu Gesicht bekommt. Wie das Ganze genau aussieht und ob auch Funktionen wie Googles PhotoSphere bzw. Samsung eigene Version dessen (man munkelt das S4 wird die Funktion unter dem Namen Orb erhalten) enthalten sein werden , ist uns noch nicht bekannt. Wer Flash-Erfahrung hat, kann gleich mal selbst Hand anlegen. Weitere Infos und Bilder werden in Kürze nachgereicht. Ach ja, hier der Download-Link:

Download GT-I9300-ILO-I9300XXUFMB3-1361258236.zip

Hier die ersten Eindrücke eines XDA-Users:

Differences from Jellybean 4.1:
1) Lockscreen Widgets: Yes, they’re present! You can unlock straight to camera!
2) Notification Drawer: It doesn’t look like the fancy 4.2 notification drawer. The secondary notification drawer icon does not give us 4.2-like quick settings. Instead, it just expands the icons we already have. Which means that the quick settings icons (Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.) do not scroll! Also, the whole thing now has a blue background. The date and time are differently positioned.
3) Gallery: The title bar when viewing pictures is transparent! Excellent! Also, the album names show up in bold when viewing an album in landscape mode.
4) Extra ApplicationsNew Message shortcut in the app drawer, Jewish calender app, OfficeSuite, and Snap n Go.
5) Settings: Here are the new things in settings:
a) My Sound: Under the sound settings, we have My Sound. This used to be in the Phone settings before.
b) Daydream: Yes, we get Daydream! LEAK: Jelly Bean 4.2.1 für das Samsung Galaxy S3 techboys.de • smarte News, auf den Punkt!
c) Location Services: We have a new toggle for Access to my location, and a My Places option.
d) Lockscreen: The settings have been changed around and you can access your lockscreen widgets from here.
e) Language and InputDriving Mode has been added here.
f) Cloud: The Cloud option makes its return.
g) Voice Command: Completely new option which helps you control the alarm, camera, music, radio, and calls. This used to be a part of S-Voice before.
h) About Device: The Status now tells you if your device is official or not.
6) RAM: Total available RAM is now 828MB
7) Screen Timeout: The home button to wake-up is no longer tied to S-Voice! Wahoooo!!!! LEAK: Jelly Bean 4.2.1 für das Samsung Galaxy S3 techboys.de • smarte News, auf den Punkt!
8) One-finger expandable notifications: Yes, they’re present now. You can expand a notification but not collapse it.

1) Not smooth: It’s not smooth. Not by a long shot. It stutters at times and there’s frame tearing when you scroll really fast. This experience may vary if you’ve wiped!
2) Gallery: The album names show up in bold when viewing an album in landscape mode. It looks ugly.
3) Contacts/ Phone: Yes, the lag is still there whilst opening them for the first time.
4) Motion: Double tap to top doesn’t seem to be working
5) Touchwiz: It still redraws.
6) Multi-tasking: Multi-tasking with games is still broken. Eventually, one of the games will restart.

Final Impressions:
This is just a leaked firmware so expect more issues to pop up! If you really want to test it out, you can flash it. Otherwise, it’s nothing to die for. It isn’t as impressive as I thought it would be but it’s a good step in the right direction!


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