Es ist soweit: MIUI für das HTC One X ist endlich verfügbar!
Scheinbar handelt es sich um eine beta-Version, die noch nicht ganz fertig sein soll, aber dann doch mit erstaunlich viel Funktionalität daherkommt.
WLAN, Datenverbindung, Kamera und Video, flotter GPS-Fix und Navigation funktionieren ohne Probleme. Allerdings ist die ROM nicht gerootet, GAPPS müssen nachinstalliert werden.

Um MIUI für das HTC One X installieren zu können, müsst ihr vorher per fastboot command das Boot-Image  flashen. Erst danach könnt ihr (FULL-WIPE) die MIUI-ROM flashen. Nach der ROM sind die GAPPS an der Reihe. Wir haben euch das gesamte Paket zusammengestellt, um MIUI auf dem HTC One X zu installieren. Es besteht aus:

  • Boot-Image inklusive bequemem fastboot Installations-Script für Windows
  • GAPPS (aktuellste Version)
Ein paar Bilder und Impression der ersten MIUI ROM für das HTC One X:

MIUI testing

The MIUI  for the HTC ONE X 2.4.25 beta Description of the Update

Repair run “cartoon matches Wars” for the FC (04-25)

Optimized to improve the recent calls list loading speed (04-25)
Repair service provider to show ownership, incorrect (this week Honor development team version) (04-25)

Add a picture chosen to support the online picture library (04-24)
Optimization to merge duplicate contacts UI interactions (04-24)

New system SMS to receive the priority setting switch (see the text message settings> SMS preferred) (04-25)
Repair some cases, you can not dial-up message dialogue page (04-24)
Fix new message, select a contact lead to the FC problem (04-24)
Repair invalid in the message dialogue interface dial keys (04-25)
Lock screen, status bar, notification bar] Repair the default lock screen clock is slow (04-24)
Repair use the lock screen, you can preview the text messaging problems (04-24)

Optimize the sliding screen gestures optimization (04-25)
Add MIUI V4 support display tray topic, edit mode the backplane style (04-25)
Repair in the mix and match to set the lock screen wallpaper, wallpaper status does not refresh (04-24)
【Camera] Repair capacity of the SD card can not be lower panoramic photos (04-24)
Repair the camera can not be adjusted to focus the sound and shutter sound volume problem (04-25)[*] Optimize the photo details pages and photo editing, page styles (04-24)
Optimize the sort to use the name that appears, rather than the system path name (04-25)
Repair * open the picture, invalid URL cause of FC (04-24).
After repair Wipe data preset photo is re-copy (04-24)
Remove the head glow in photo editing and face bronzed effect (04-25)
New “light up the screen after lashing” settings (04-24)

Repair ringtones backup can not restore the problem (04-25)
Optimization of the vibration switch split mute vibration “and” mute vibration of the two switches (04-24)
Repair the volume keys to control the volume is reduced to the vibration, the vibration switch state of the status bar does not correct the problem (04-25)

Repair in the case of carrier networks to download the update package twice to confirm the problem (04-25)

Repair under the operator’s network to download the update package into the download manager, open only in the WALN download “continue to download (04-25), the system updates

Add a new reading mode (04-24)
【FM radio】
Repair adjustment to the minimum volume, and still does not mute the problem (04-24)

Repair the lock screen in the pop-up reminders, rotate the screen will lead to a problem that can not be silent (04-24)
Alarm clock
Press the camera button to cause the repair ring of FC (04-25).