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Pimp your ROM Tutorial: How to make your Darky-ROM or any other custom-ROM feel smoother, handle multiple apps at the same time, show nicer colors and save battery-life!

After so many days and months as a ROM-Flashing-Junkie I can finally say that I found a configuration that improves the phone’s software in nearly every case, and my device feels and behaves the way I prefer. Maybe you flashed your new custom-rom version and you still feel not perfectly satisfied with its behavior? So take this tutorial “How to make your Darky-ROM or any other custom rom feel smoother, handle more apps at the same time, show nicer colors and save battery!

This is a brief description of how you can improve your overall phone experience on the galaxy s AFTER flashing a custom rom. In my case, it’s Darky’s ROM 10.2.

For flashing-nerds like me, most of the recommendations I will give are well known, but I think it can shorten the time for the ordinary “once-in-a-while” flasher to find their best settings. But even hardcore users may try the whole bunch of advices, if you have never seen everything working together. So let’s begin with

What you need:

  1. Any Custom ROM flashed
  2. ZSJPG Modem
  3. SGS Kernel Flasher (free)
  4. Talon Kernel  (Updated kernel)
  5. Voltage control (free)
  6. Voodoo control (free)
  7. Zeam Launcher (free)
  8. Nitrality (free)
  9. Autostarts (it’s in the market, for the price of 1€)
  10. 2G / 3G switch (free)

Consider that you do this on your own responsibility!

Pimp your ROM Step 1:

The starting point of this tutorial is a fresh and cleaned rom on your SGS, therefore you installed the rom as the flashing tutorials of your ROM-Community recommend.

Pimp your ROM Step2:

ZSJPG is for me the best working modem here in Germany. It saves battery-life compared to others; the Wi-Fi und 3G connections are excellent. But also people from other regions report good values. Download the file and put it into the root of your internal memory. Boot into recovery (CWM), choose >install file from sd< look for the ZSJPG file, and install it confirming with >Yes<. Reboot your phone.

Pimp your ROM Step3:

Now we’ll install the kernel. I have tried a lot of kernels – semaphore, galaxianEE, damianGTO, darkcore, but talon is the only one that could satisfy all my needs. It’s fast and stable, enables voodoo sound and color fixes, allows connection to cisco networks (need this for wi-fi in my university)and enables overclock possibility, (but it isn’t overclocked from beginning, if you are afraid of OC you can skip step 5). For flashing the kernel we need the SGS Kernel Flasher from the market. Download for free. You can also flash the kernel the same way you flashed the modem, but some people are reporting problems with bootloops (I personally never had problems with bootlooping talon) but SGS Kernel flasher is the “save way”.

Pimp your ROM Step 4:

Download Talon.zip file to your internal sd (you can take any folder you prefer). Start SGS Kernel Flasher, confirm root rights, backup your kernel, and then chose the talon.zip. Press >flash kernel< . Your SGS will restart, first boot will take some time.

Pimp your ROM Step5:

Now that you have installed the kernel, we can also make it even faster (for more speed in games and max quadrant penis enlargement if you need 😉 ). Install the app voltage control. Start it, confirm root rights, and then move the bar on the bottom to the right. Now it shows >MAX = 1200Mhz<. Press the key left to the home button (I call it options-button) and choose >save as boot settings<. Your device is now overclocked and super-fast.

Pimp your ROM Step6:

Let’s see what Voodoo Control can do. Download free version from the market – the donate version if you love it. Start the app. Mark >map volume keys hack< then tap >bass boost< à>Enable bass boost effect< and choose >medium<. Now you’ll get a stunning sound quality.
Next scroll down to >color profiles< and choose >voodoo profile<than tap >screen v1 gamma hack< I prefer the >punchy settings< take the one you like most.

Pimp your ROM Step 7:

So let’s go for the launcher. Darky comes with TouchWiz4 which is great, but it consumes a lot of memory, so opening multiple apps will close some other app in the background. Restarting all the apps over and over again consumes battery. Also it seems to cause reboots or force closes after a view days on some devices.
Well, maybe you tried the ZEAM Launcher some time before and you replaced it for some reasons, but for our rom-experience this one is definitely what we need. It’ll be smooth and slick, and multi-tasking is way better than with every other launcher due to the small size of memory that’s used. Install it, and set it up as you prefer.

Pimp your ROM Step 8:

Next app to download is Nitrality. It allows you to install and uninstall every system app you need or don’t need. Launch Nitrality, and choose Applications, unmark every app you’re sure you’ll never need. Now that you have Zeam, you could uninstall Touch Wiz. If you hate Swype you can remove it as well. When you’re finished click >apply changes<. Your system folder is clean now!

Pimp your ROM Step9:

To free more ram and save some battery-life-time get the >autostarts< app and get it started. Wait until loading is finished. Tap something like >after booting< for me it shows “nach dem start”. Here you can disable automatic app starts after systemboot. Deactivate only apps you are totally sure you don’t need them at the like XDA developers, or news apps. Don’t disable system apps except for >Maps< and >Software Update<. 

Pimp your ROM Step10:

Now we did a lot for improving the battery life. It should be fine now. There is also the option of undervolting, but this can cause instability und doesn’t really save that much. Considering that 3g connection needs a lot of power, way more than wi-fi and 2g, you should always use wi-fi if you can. If you don’t need internet access you should switch it off. If you need the internet connection only to be online in chats like Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Talk or for pushed emails switch to 2g (GSM) speed. For do this faster use free apps like >2G / 3G switch<

That’s it. Now you made your Darky-ROM or any other custom-ROM feel smoother, handle multiple apps at the same time, show nicer colors and save battery-life! Enjoy it! That’s the Pimp your ROM turorial.

  1. benutze eh schon den zeam launcher, und danke für die restlichen Tips, mein Galaxy fliegt grad davon ! 🙂 hammer

  2. benutze eh schon den zeam launcher, und danke für die restlichen Tips, mein Galaxy fliegt grad davon ! 🙂 hammer


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