Sony: Vita First Edition Bundles have Sold Out

Sony: Vita First Edition Bundles have Sold Out • smarte News, auf den Punkt!

The PS Vita First Edition Bundles launched last week in North America. How did they do? Well it looks like they ended up selling pretty well.

Sony’s senior vice pres­id­ent of PlayStation brand mar­ket­ing, Guy Longworth, was asked by Gamespot how well the Vita First Edition Bundles have been selling. Longworth con­firmed that the bundle sold out. Definitely some good news for Sony who have been hav­ing trouble selling the hand­held in Japan:

“We’re in the very early stages of launch, but we’re very encour­aged by the reac­tion we’ve had with people look­ing at the 3G ver­sion. I think they real­ize by tak­ing 3G, it means you can basic­ally play wherever you want to, whenever you want to, and be con­nec­ted the whole time. And not just through the games but also to your social media with the apps we have like Facebook and Twitter.

“Consumers are going to look at that and real­ize that it’s some­thing that makes a lot of sense to have now, and also for the future. I think it really future-proofs them in terms of some of the things that will come down the line in terms of gam­ing exper­i­ences that will be pos­sible through 3G, to be able to play online with your friends.

“We think gamers are under­stand­ing that, but we’ll wait and see what hap­pens.”

Longworth also talked a bit about the soft­ware. Sony launched much of their 1st party line-up last week. He did men­tion that Little Deviants, Hot Shot Golf, and ModNation Racers have sold well, but Uncharted is still king.

For those who didn’t know, the First Edition Bundle included a 3G/Wi-Fi PS Vita unit, a copy of Little Deviants, a spe­cial case, 4gb memory card, 250mb AT&T Dataconnect pass, and a voucher for a PSN game. It sold for $349.99.

The PS Vita just went on sale today in both North America and Europe.

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