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Something Green and Leafy This Way Comes!

This is just a collection of download links for the most recent Samy Deluxe S4 ROM releases. I am still getting requests for the download links so I decided to release them here.

There won’t be any new versions. I have had a great time with Samy Deluxe for the Galaxy S4 but it also made me completely move away from the ROM community.

There have been numerous releases and within its short period of existence it gained some notoriety I never would have expected. Thanks to everybody for supporting me in every possible way.

Feel free to download, use and abuse these files as you like.

Samy Deluxe S4 ROMs

Samy Deluxe S4 Pick Your King

Samy Deluxe S4 Operation Ivy

Samy Deluxe S4 NoFx

Samy Deluxe S4 Minor Threat

Samy Deluxe S4 Less Than Jake



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