UK retailer GAME has taken the lid off The First Templar’s Special Edition.

The upcoming Special Edition for the third-person action-adventure title will feature the following goodies:

  • An exclusive stand-alone bonus level entitled “The Arena”.
  • A double sided posting showcasing “stunning character and location artwork.”
  • The official game soundtrack

The stand-alone level is designed “to challenge even the most battle hardened Templar Knight, as players find themselves caught by the Byzantine. Read the entire summary provided below:

Contains exclusive bonus level ‘The Arena’. Caught by the vile Byzantine, you must survive the perils of ‘The Arena’. Fight for your life, face the Gauntlet and stage your daring escape. Choose who will stand beside you as you confront the Byzantine and his minions. This stand-alone bonus level is designed to challenge even the most battle hardened Templar Knight.

The First Templar sees players journey back to the 13th century on a quest to find the Holy Grail. As players assume the role of two unlikely heroes – Celian, a young French Templar and Marie, a noble lady and proclaimed heretic they’ll work together to “unveil a grand conspiracy within the Order of the Knights Templar.”

In addition the game will fully support drop-in/out co-operative support for up to two-players.

The First Templar hits store shelves in the UK on May 6 for 360 and PC. We leave you below with a trailer for the game.

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