Resistance 3 got its second trailer last weekend at Spike’s VGAs, during which the first glimpse of actual gameplay was shown.

Since then some have wondered if the game uses an entirely new engine, or a modified version of the engine previously used in the past two games. Well, Senior Community Manager, James Stevenson, has cleared it up by stating:

“This is the latest version of the Insomniac engine.”

The footage shown certainly looks like it’s an improvement over its predecessors, looking more realistic than ever.

It was recently said that the game would be “darker” and more “focused” than Resistance 2, instead aiming to be more alike Resistance: Fall of Man.

We’ve previously reviewed both Fall of Man and Resistance 2, worth taking a reading if you’re interested in what we thought, or just how well they scored.

Resistance 3 is scheduled for release on September 6, 2011 exclusively on the PS3.

Source: US PS Blog.

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