Insomniac’s confirmed the story of Resistance 3 will be “darker” and more “focused” than its predecessors.

When asked if the game would be more akin to Resistance: Fall of Man or Resistance 2, the studio’s Senior Community Manager, James Stevenson, stated the story is a “darker, more focused road trip” that uses the “in-engine cinematics that R2 excelled at.”

He continued by saying “the tone is darker like RFOM, but also has some of that Americana that you saw with the Christmas decorations in the flooded city, football stadium, etc.”

The game was officially announced at Gamescom in August, during which a trailer was also released. The second part of which premiered during Spike’s VGAs on Saturday.

Resistance 3 is scheduled for release on September 6, 2011 exclusively on PS3.

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