Samy Deluxe Galaxy S4 ROM – T.S.O.L. (01.06.2015)

Samy Deluxe Galaxy S4 ROM - T.S.O.L. (01.06.2015) • smarte News, auf den Punkt!

Mit T.S.O.L (True Sound of Liberty) folgt ein neues Update der Samy Deluxe ROM für das Samsung Galaxy S4. Wie der Vorgänger basiert die aktuelle Version auf Android Lollipop und hat neben einem überarbeiteten Installationsmenü zahlreiche Verbesserungen, Bugfixes sowie die ein oder andere zusätzliche Funktion zu bieten.

Samy Deluxe ROM – T.S.O.L. Features /

  • Kernel updated (selection option had to be removed last minute)
  • added option for s4/s6 camera
  • added option to select contacts & dialer (s4 or s6)
  • camera mode fix
  • added additional samsung galaxy apps (optional)
  • added multiuser support
  • fixed S6 Apps crashes
  • bugfixes & performance tweaks

Please do not use s6 launcher for the moment.

Use s6 edge launcher instead, otherwise your system will crash!

Fix will be posted soon!

Work in Progress | To-Do-Liste

  • Galaxy S6 Themes integration
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Note 4 Camera
  • Galaxy S6 Contacts full-integration
  • Galaxy S6 launcher fix
  • world clock fix

True-Sound-of-Liberty-4 True-Sound-of-Liberty-3 True-Sound-of-Liberty-2 True-Sound-of-Liberty

Credits & Dank

Neben den oben verwendeten Tools möchte ich folgenden Personen danken, deren Arbeit direkt oder indirekt in sämtliche Samy Deluxe ROM-Versionen eingeflossen sind.

Galaxy S7 Features

Curved Display

Android News

Samy Deluxe ROM Questions & Answers

Do I have to full wipe before installation?

Yes, most probably you will get some errors so a full wipe (can be done via Aroma Installer) is recommended.

Do I have to flash a bootloader or modem?

Please install a Lollipop Bootloader and modem. Which one is not important.

How often will you release updates and fixes?

Definitely maybe.

I have a problem. Can you spend your time fixing all the problems I have with my smartphone?

Yes, this is exactly what I wanted to do when I was a child. Send 500 Dollars for every hour I spend setting up the most basic things on your smartphone and we are good to go.

Will this work on my  GT-i9500 | GT-i9515 | GT-i9506 LTÉ+ | SGH-I337 | SGH-M919 | SCH-I545 | SPH-L720 ?

I have no idea.

Do you like answering the same question over and over again?

Yes. Who doesn’t?

Why didn’t you release  a new Samy Deluxe version for such a long time and now all of a sudden you come back with a bang?

I spent half a year in a cave without LTE connection and had better things to do. I released a new version because I need traffic for my website and I miss answering the same questions over and over again!

Word on the street is you now own an iPhone 6. You are a traitor!

Is that a question or are you trying to destroy my reputation? Besides that: Yes, I do own an iPhone 6 now and I am quite happy. However, I still don’t spend my time hanging out at starbucks and I don’t do hipster things with my hipster phone.

What happened to version Q and version R of your ROM?

These are the things that got lost in the fire. Their names were:

  • Samy Deluxe ROM Question The Answers
  • Samy Deluxe ROM Rorschach

Why should we use this ROM and if not, which other ROM do you recommend?

Using Samy Deluxe ROMs will make you sexier. In case you are sexy enough I would urge you not to use this ROM.

Apart from Samy Deluxe ROM,  there are a ton of other great releases and I would always recommend using the one that fits your needs best, no matter what the name is.

If I had to pick one, I would always go with Albe95 or Wanam ROMs!



You can use a direct download from our server here after sharing the post (ONLY if you like!!!) or use the mirror on android filehost.

I no longer support the ROM or the Galaxy S4, so it was removed.

Galaxy S6 Themes Wallpapers

Galaxy S6 Themes Wallpapers

XDA: Samy Deluxe ROM


  1. I can only see a poor boy crying! stop crying because of people that doesn´t like your rom, I love your work and now I cant download it, if you don´t like people complaining about your work, do not listen!!! When you publish your work, any work, you put it to consideration of the people, some will like it, some not, regardless of how many work or time you put on it, I recognize your great work, but, please, that attitude is ridiculous.

    1. Show me your rom, please. Where is it, where can I download it? Nowhere? – Then please stop giving advices to other people. It was removed because I no longer support it.

  2. EDIT:

    Link was removed, don’t post it here please. If you know where to find it, you can use it

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