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PES 2020 PS4 Editor

PS4 PES 2020 PS4 Editor 0.25

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an Editor for use in Microsoft Excel to edit an exported decrypted .TED file from the PS4 version of the game released Aug 15, 2019.

This is the BETA version of the Editor..

PES 2020 PS4 Editor 0.25 BETA by SMcCutcheon features:
  • Includes the following that WILL work in the demo;
  • Edit Team Name & Abbreviation (Unlicensed teams only)
  • Edit Banners 1 to 4 (15 characters maximum)
  • Edit Team Colours
  • Add Emblem Image
  • Add Kit Images & Change Collars (Supports adding Kit 3 and 4 and taking them away)
  • Edit Manager Name & Nationality (Unlicensed Managers only)
  • Add Official Partners Images 1-3
  • Includes the following that WILL NOT work in the demo but should work in the full game when released;
  • Edit full range of Player Abilities and Attributes
  • Import Players from a decrypted PES2019 .TED file (with ID and without ID)
  • Edit Squad Numbers
  • Add Manager Image
  • Player Stat Sheet that can export a full squads details, be edited and imported
Still to add in future versions:

  • Stadium details
  • Import player appearances from 2019
  • Support Player ID changes
  • Add Media Back drop colour
  • Add Radar colours
  • Possibly more options for kit editing, such as Letter & Number fonts
  • Ability to copy kit settings from another 2020.TED file
  • Possibly look in to Gameplan information
A lot has gone in to this version since the last so the chances of errors are possible which is why I'm releasing it for people to have a go at it and let me know what errors they find so that they can be rectified by the full game release week.

How to use PES 2020 PS4 Editor 0.25 BETA by SMcCutcheon?
  1. Export .TED file from PS4 version of the game
  2. Decrypt file (Download HERE, Credit Panos)
  3. Open Editor in Microsoft Excel, Click Start Editing
  4. Load decrypted .TED file
  5. Edit
  6. When finished editing, Click Save .TED file
  7. Encrypt file
  8. Add any Images you've added in to your WEPES folder
  9. Import back in to game
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